Official documents (related to work, business, marriage, family issues etc.) are normally not valid in foreign countries. This is because it is not possible for a foreign authority to truly determine the status of an entity nor value a certain deed or document nor by which organ it has been issued. By legalization, the Dutch documents are made legally valid for foreign countries or vice versa.

We can have your documents legalized, after which you can be at ease to use those documents in Iran.We have the correct actual knowledge of legalizations and we visit the related organs such as the embassy, the courts and the ministries. Besides, the legalization procedures change frequently, we therefore recommend that you let us navigate you through this process. This will save you valuable time and money.


The document to be legalized. If the legalization concerns an export document, you have to fill in the legalization form.

A legalization job takes up to four to five working days.

Important: If the legalization concerns a business document, then the documents should be legalized by your Chamber of Commerce where necessary. Documents which are certified only by someone from your company will not be considered as legalized. If required, we can also help you with this step.